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Who we are

For over 20 years Van Binnen delivers stylish and sustainable interior.

Van Binnen for over more than 20 years thé interior design store of Rotterdam, and the only store in the Netherlands, who completely focusses on sustainable living and natural products. With our products we take into account that they bring a positive contribution to the environment, that the production process is fair trade and the products contribute to your health.

The wood used in our furniture and floors is coming from controlled European woods. The paint that we sell is vegetable, smells nice, and supports a healthy indoor climate of your house. We have a wide spread assortment of organic paint for in- and outside use. 

Our fabrics and curtains are made without encumber the surrounding and are produced with respect for the people who make them. This fair trade process also counts for the beds, bed textile, home accessories, (decorative) pillows, throws and many more other products. Are you looking for an original gift or do you suffer from allergies? Likewise you have come to the right place for a suitable product. 

We have a complete assortment for a tasteful and sustainable home decor! 

Van Binnen is specialist in organic sleeping 

We outshine in our specialism in organic sleeping. We believe that you are at your most comfortable when you have a personalized mattress what consists of the best natural resources. Our aim is that every client has a healthy sleep on our eco beds of selected top brands like Yumeko and Green Sleep. We help you to create this sleeping perfection, including a design bed frame, ergonomic bed base, organic down or woolen duvets, beautiful duvet sets and comfortable pillows. 

For Rotterdam and the surrounding area we are thé eco-specialist in the field of everything that completes good and healthy sleeping. 

Our top brand make ecological living possible

Van Binnen sells top design brands like Varier, Artisan & Ethnicraft (furniture), Green Sleep, Texeler & Yumeko (sleeping), Tierrafino, Uula, Auro & Aquamarijn (organic paint & stucco), Tretford, Perletta, Moso & Cunera (floors), Capsicum, Spira en Romo (textile), Zuperzozial, Klippan, Grimms (accessories). 

We deliver craftsmanship 

With more than 20 years of experience, a background and wide spread knowledge in the ecological and ergonomics, we can offer an expertise and personal service tailored to suit everyone. Together with our team of professional sellers, who are incredible passionate about sustainable and ecological living, with an eye for style and design, we help you to the home decoration which suits your style and preferences the best.

We are six days a week ready to help you in our store. Besides the advice we give to you in our store, we come to your home to give professional advice where necessary. Also after opening hours.

Our upholsterer, parquet layer, furniture maker and mechanic ensure perfect results at home.

We are Van Binnen a tasteful, comfortable and moreover sustainable design store. Sustainability is not necessarily expensive, rather sparingly for you and the environment!

What we do

We stand for better living through a healthy indoor climate 

Van Binnen sells products that deliver a positive contribution to a healthy indoor climate in your home. Our products are composed of natural resources, who are fairly produced for the environment and people who produce them. A healthy indoor climate means that there are no pollutants in your home who may cause any allergies or other (health-)reactions. A healthy indoor climate makes you feel at home in your own home.

 We only work with natural resources in our products

The resources which our products contain of are directly identifiable from our nature. Image you are walking through a pasturage. On both side you see all natural resourced that you can also find in our products. Trees, for our floors and furniture. Sheeps, who deliver wool for throws and duvets. The beautiful purple flowers you see are flax who deliver linseed oil and linen. All beautiful and special natural resources that are the perfect basis for a beautiful interior. 

Below you will find some of the most valuable natural resources we use in our products:


Wool is a versatile product. We mainly use wool from the Texeler sheep. Wool is a good isolator against cold and provides heat quickly when you are underneath it. In our store you can find wool into the covers of mattresses, quilts, pillows, carpets and stuffed animals. Wool is a unique fiber who can absorb until 35% of its own weight, without feeling wet. This is because of the hair structure of the sheep who can guide the moisture and release again. The back part of the sheep provides the best fibers for mattresses and pillows. Rigid and rugged wool types hold a lot of air and quickly adapt to your body temperature. 


Organically grown cotton is grown on a living soil that is free of at least 3 years of any toxic chemical growth or pesticides. Only natural compost, healthy plants in a rotation culture, and natural pesticides provide a living, fragrant, healthy cotton fiber and healthy peasants and workers.


Flax provides the oldest textile fiber of natural origin in the world. Unlike many other 'natural' fibers, its impact on the environment - the so-called ecological footprint - is minimal. This makes the 'old-fashioned' flax one of the most innovative raw materials for a multitude of applications. In our store you will find flax back as linen. Linen is strong, durable and has a classy look. It is practical to use and it can last for years. Ideal as bedding. 

In addition flax also provides us of oil: linseed oil. Linseed belongs to the same species as flax, but differs from flax because the plants of the linseed are branched short and strong and flax long and little branched. 

Traditionally, linseed oil was used in paints and varnishes: an application that is rediscovered, now revealed how taxing the modern paint solvents and the environment. Besides paint is linseed oil is the raw material for linoleum. In our store you will find flax paint, linen and linoleum.


Wood has always been the basic material in the Van Binnen collection. Wood is infinitely renewable. In fact it is world's most sustainable and environmental friendly resource. No matter how much we use. If we plant again in a responsible manner and manage that the stock remains available. CO2 is absorbed during growth. The bamboo we use is actually grass, but because the woody it behaves like wood. 

Where we are located 

Van Binnen is located in the largest ecological shopping mall of Europe. 

Van Binnen is already more than 18 years part of the largest ecological shopping mall of Europe: 'De Groene Passage'. This 'green hart of Rotterdam' received on 13 september 2014 from alderman 'Harbor, Sustainability, Mobility and Organization', Pex Langenberg, the titel 'Fair trade Shopping Mall'. De Groene Passage is the first fair trade shopping mall of The Netherlands.

Located in 'De Groene Passage'

'De Groene Passage' in Rotterdam is an unique concept of 9 shops (2500m2) that focusses on people-, environment- and animal friendly collaboration. There is a wide range of articles who suit a sustainable lifestyle. 'De Groene Passage' uses materials who encumber as less as possible and recycles where possible. A healthy planet, makes healthy food and a healthy person! 

At 'De Groene Passage' you will find products with minimal additions, basically as nature intended. The products taste even better when you know that organic products are fairly, animal-friendly, people-friendly and sustainably produced. Seasonal- and region-specific production, but also fair trade, is a natural matter in the eyes of 'De Groene Passage'.



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